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Baba Ramdev is know as Yoga Guru. Baba Ramdev was born in a small town named Alipur of Indian state of Haryana in 1953. Baba Ramdev's original name is Ramkishan Yadav.

While Baba Ramdev was in eight standard, he left his school and joined a Gurukul named Yogic Monastery in Khanput. Here Bara Ramdev studied Sanskrit and Yoga. From begining Ramdev Baba has very deep interest in Yoga and Pranayam. Ramdev Baba has lost his interest in worldly desires and took Sanyas and became Swami Ramdev. He then moved to Jind district and joined the Aarsh Gurukul kalva and started offering free Yoga to villagers across Haryana state.

As a child he suffered from paralysis. Swami Ramdev has started a new era of Yoga. According to some friends Yoga was the medicine to releave him from paralysis. That is one of the reason that Ramdev Baba wants each human being to know and adpot Yoga.

We can say Swami Ramdev is one of the most one of the most respectful person who did everything he can do for Yoga. Ramdev Baba believes in peace, sacrifice, penance, non-violance and truth.

Swami Ramdev says Yoga and Pranayam is one of the way to achieve this. Baba Ramdev travelled accross the world and making people aware of Yoga and Pranayam.

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev was Honorary Doctorate Degree by KIIT University on 27th January 2007 at Bhubaneswar, Orrisa by Richard R Ernst, who was awarded Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1991. Baba Ramdev was honored this degree for his extra ordinary contribution in popularising the Vedic Yoga. Today every one admits that Baba Ramdev is the first person to have popularized Yoga in India at mass level. From begining Baba Ramdev has aim to build a "Yoga Aashram".

Baba Ramdev has deep knowledge of Samkhya philosophy and the Bhagavad Gita. Yoga taught by Baba Ramdev consists of Yoga Sutra from there ancient holy granth. Baba Ramdev focuses on the achieving Samadhi through the use of practicing meditation (Pranayam). This can be achieved by using following the eight limbs that are Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi. Baba Ramdev is the icon of yoga of Pranayama and renowned Yoga teacher and an Ayurveda Guru. Today Baba Ramdev is considered to be a phenomenon not only in India but also abroad.

Today, through his yoga camps Yogi Baba Ramdev has been able to rid people of many ailments such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, Arthritis, Thyroid Problems, Hypertension, Blood pressure, Stomach ailments and several cancer types without the use of any medication. Such is the power of the great swami and his method of teachings. Baba Ramdev is not an actor or musician or front man of Rock'N'Roll band, but he has the charisma, the devine body movement to alight an entire stadium with his presence. He has brought in awareness among the people about the benefits of yoga to the common man in simple and well explained manner. Baba Ramdev is the one who gets credit of making yoga a mass movement and organising camps that educate people on the importance of yoga in the country. The Yoga guru Baba Ramdev organizes camps for the common man including Bollywood stars and also offers yoga tips to professionals such as the British law-makers to make them more creative and energetic. Baba Ramdev is like Patanjali guru of the today. The Yoga taught by the Baba can cure several incurable diseases as Baba Ramdev is currently doing in India. Here I put list of most known "Ashans" Postures. Plese click here to get detail of them.

Baba Ramdev is also one of most important pillar of Divya Yoga Mnadir Trust and Patanjli YogPeeth.

Swami Rmadev has taught Ashtadhyayee, Mahabhashya, Upnishads alongwith six systems of Indian Philosophy in a couple of Gurukuls (traditional Indian systems of education). Besides, during his travels in the Himalayan mountains, Baba Ramdev performed severe austerities in the caves of Gangotri for the realisation of SELF and acquired several uncommon capabilities.

With the blessings of Revered Swami Shankerdevji Maharaj, Yoga Guru Ramdev Baba, in assocition with his learned companions, Acharaya Balkrishan Ji Maharaj, a great scholar and famous Ayurvedic physician & others established Divya Yog Mandir (Trust) in 1995 at Kankhal, Hardwar, Uttaranchal, India.

Swami Ramdev, while in the sate of Sadhna, has been guiding several service projects of medical, spiritual and educational pursuits through this Trust since then. Revered Swami Ji Maharaj, who have unfurled the flag of Yog on top, cures about two lac patients per month with his spiritual energy in his Yog Camps.


Revered Swami Ram Dev Ji Maharaj with his extraordinary talent, great patriotism and deep leanings towards our ancient culture and tradition is establishing Patanjali Yogpeeth, an Institution for social and scientific research and treatment in Yog, Spiritualism, and Ayurved through which more than twenty lac patients of various ailments would derive benefit every year.

Ramdev Baba and Pranayam:
Baba Ramdev has put more emphasis on pranayam. Swami Ramdev has provided us much information about Yoga and Pranayam that it is very difficult to put everything here.

Pranayama has the capacity of freeing the mind from untruthfulness, ignorance and all other painful and unpleasant experiences of the body and mind; and when the mind becomes clean it becomes easy for the Sadhaka to concentrate on the desired object and it becomes possible for him to progress further in the direction of Dhyana and Samadhi.

According to Rmadev baba, Yog asanas, we remove the distortions and disabilities of the physical body and bring it into discipline. However Pranayama influences the subtle and the physical bodies in a greater measure than Yogsanas do and that too in a perceptible manner. In the human body, lungs, heart and brain hold very important positions and they depend on each other heavily for their health.

Swami Ramdev says that, Physically, Pranayam appears to be a systematic exercise of respiration, which makes the lungs stronger, improves blood circulation, makes the man healthier and bestows upon him the boon of a long life. Physiology teaches us that the air (Prana) we breathe in fills our lungs, spreads in the entire body, providing it with essential form the body, take them to the heart and then to the lungs, which throws the useless material like carbon dioxide out of the body through the act of exhalation. If this action of the respiratory system is done regularly and efficiently, lungs become stronger and blood becomes pure. Please click here to read more about Pranayam.

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